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Research Participation and Consent

23andMe enables our customers to contribute to scientific research aimed at making and supporting meaningful scientific discoveries. Research topics range from discovering genetic factors behind diseases and traits to learning about human migration and population history through genetics.

When you register your 23andMe kit, you can choose whether or not to give consent to participate in 23andMe Research. You may review or update your research consent choice at any time from within your 23andMe account. Choosing not to give consent or withdrawing from 23andMe Research will not affect your access to your Genetic Information or to the Personal Genetic Service.

By choosing to give consent to the Research Consent Document, you agree to let 23andMe researchers analyze your de-identified Genetic & Self-Reported Information for scientific research, as detailed in our Consent Document. When your Genetic Information and/or Self-Reported Information is being used for research purposes, it will not be linked to your Registration Information.

"Genetic & Self-Reported Information" refers to:

  • Your genetic data
  • Information you enter into surveys, forms and other features labeled with the 23andMe Research logo
  • Data you authorize us to import for research
  • Your age and ethnicity

Additionally, we may share some data with external research partners and in scientific publications. These data will be summarized across enough customers to minimize the chance that your personal information will be exposed.

Customers also have the option to authorize 23andMe to share their de-identified, individual-level data with qualified research collaborators by consenting to our Individual Data Sharing Consent Document. This is an additional consent that is offered if you have already chosen to participate in 23andMe Research.

23andMe will never release your individual-level data to any third party without asking for and receiving your explicit authorization to do so.

If you choose to opt out of 23andMe Research, any of your data that have already been entered into a study cannot be withdrawn, but your data will not be included in studies that start more than 30 days after you withdraw.

Your consent selection is displayed on your Settings page; to change your consent, click the "Change consent" link that appears where your current consent status is displayed.


For more details about research consent and privacy, please review the Individual Data Sharing Consent Document.

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