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Preferences: Notifications, Consent, Report Configuration

Your preferences let you control which emails you receive, review or modify your research consent status, and select which reports to view. Some of these options are ones you selected during the kit registration process.

To access your account settings, open the account menu by clicking on your profile name and selecting Settings.

You can modify any of the information in this section by clicking the Edit link.

Email notifications

You can control your 23andMe email notification preferences. These include notifications you receive about genome sharing invitations, new DNA Relatives, product updates, messages from other 23andMe users, and more.

To receive all email notifications, check the box next to "Subscribe All".

If you have opted in to receive email notifications from within your account but have noticed that you are not receiving certain communications, you may have unsubscribed from our mailing service. Our mailing service (ExactTarget) has a global opt-out option, and if you have removed your email from the mailing list you won't receive any customer notifications that we send via ExactTarget.

If you'd like to re-subscribe to 23andMe notifications, please contact us.


As part of kit registration, you selected a consent option for 23andMe research. This section shows your current consent option and also allows you to link to the Consent Document. Click on "Change consent" to review and modify your consent choice(s).

Sample Storage

As part of kit registration, you have the option to select whether or not you would like to have your saliva sample stored at the lab after analysis.

If your current sample is not stored, you can click the "Save" button.

If your current sample is stored , once the lab has completed analysis you will see a message that says, "Your saliva sample is currently stored." You may instruct the lab to discard your sample by clicking "Discard Sample." You will only see this option once the lab has completed the analysis of your sample. Keep in mind that the action of discarding the sample is irreversible.


Health Results Configuration

When your data first becomes available, you will have the option to either view your health results or decline to view them. Declining will hide the health reports from the Reports section. You can change this option at any time by clicking "Change report selections" under Health Results Configuration.

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