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Where Can I Buy a 23andMe Kit?

The 23andMe® Personal Genetic Service can be purchased at:

CVS Pharmacy, Target, Best Buy, Walgreens and Walmart Considerations

When purchasing through CVS Pharmacy, TargetBest Buy, Walgreens or Walmart you purchase your saliva collection kit through the retailer, then pay an additional lab fee at to receive your online genetic reports. When paying the lab fee, sales tax is charged if the billing address is in Hawaii, West Virginia, or South Dakota. Learn more about retail kits.

23andMe Online Store, and Sam's Club Considerations

Kits purchased through the online 23andMe store, or Sam's Club do not require an additional lab fee, however, sales tax is charged for shipments to Hawaii, West Virginia, or South Dakota.

Additional Important Information

Each individual who wants to participate in 23andMe needs his or her own saliva collection kit. Kits available for sale through one of these authorized retailers are intended for use within the United States. Individuals must provide a sample and return the collection kit from the same country to which the kit was shipped by 23andMe.


Note: 23andMe can only guarantee services and provide support for kits purchased directly through our website or through one of our authorized retailers. The resale of our kits is prohibited, and kits purchased on any external website, such as eBay or craigslist, among others, may not be authentic or functional. To protect our customers and prevent privacy and billing issues, 23andMe routinely deactivates kit barcodes found to be resold by unauthorized retailers.

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