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DNA View in the new DNA Relatives

This article applies to users on the new 23andMe experience.

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The DNA View in the DNA Relatives tool shows you the exact location of the DNA that you have in common with another 23andMe user, and lets you take the next step in comparing your DNA with other relatives and profiles with whom you are sharing. Select any profile that you are sharing with and up to 5 profiles for comparison.


The comparison results in this feature displays shared segments of DNA on separate lines representing each chromosome pair, and labels the shared segments as Half IBD, or identical by descent. Because you inherit one half of your DNA from your mother and the other half from your father, IBD segments typically occur on only a single chromosome. Half IBD refers to the amount of the genome in centiMorgans (cM) that contains an IBD segment on either chromosome. The percent DNA shared in DNA Relatives is based on this number.

Your half IBD and shared segments vary based on the closeness of your relationship with the matches with whom you are comparing. Closer relatives will share thousands of cM and many segments in common; more distant relatives may share only one. For some of your shares, if you connected outside of DNA Relatives, you may not share any segments at all.

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