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Comparing with friends and family

The Share and Compare tool allows you to directly compare your 23andMe results with your friends and family. Once you have established a sharing connection with another 23andMe member, you will be able to compare your results directly to theirs within the tool.

On the Share and Compare page, you will notice a pedigree that you can add your close family members to. If we find a close relative match in DNA Relatives, you will notice these matches predicted within your pedigree. You can send sharing invitations to these matches and other relatives by clicking on their entries in your pedigree.

Once you have added these family members to your pedigree, you can trace how specific genes associated with ancestry, health, and traits have been passed down in your family by selecting a report under the Inheritance panel on the right hand side of the tool.

Note if you have added a family member that you aren’t sharing results with to your tree, you can review the likelihood of sharing certain traits and conditions with them for specific reports. Once you have added your parent to your tree, you will be able to click on See Inferences at the top right hand side of the screen. You will be able to use the Inference table the following wellness reports: Lactose Intolerance, Muscle Composition, and Alcohol Flush Reaction. You will be able use the Inference table for the following trait reports: Eye Color, Red Hair, and Ear Wax Type.

If you select a sharing connection’s profile, you will be brought to a comparison page that will provide you with a more detailed description of the differences and similarities in your results. This page will outline the different DNA segments, health conditions, traits, ancestry assignments, and Neanderthal markers that you and your sharing connection share. You can also discuss your findings with your family member and friends by sending them messages using the dialogue box on the right hand side of the screen.

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