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Privacy and display settings in DNA Relatives

The DNA Relatives tool is a popular, interactive 23andMe feature that allows you to find and connect with genetic relatives who are also 23andMe users participating in this feature, and to learn more about your family story. This tool is optional; other 23andMe users will not be able to see you as a genetic match unless you opt in to the feature. Likewise, you will not be able to view your genetic matches in DNA Relatives unless you consent to participate.

The DNA Relatives tool has multiple privacy options to suit your individual preferences. For complete privacy, you can opt out of DNA Relatives entirely. For the most visibility, you can choose to participate in Open Sharing.

You can update any of these settings at any time from the “Update DNA Relatives profile” link in DNA Relatives.

Participation in DNA Relatives

If you choose to participate in DNA Relatives, all of your matches will be able to view the following information about you:

  • Your display name (see below)
  • Your profile sex (Male/Female)
  • Your profile picture
  • The percent DNA and number of segments you share, but not the location of those segments
  • Relatives in Common
  • Your haplogroup(s)

Additionally, any family information you enter into your DNA Relatives profile, such as surnames or family locations, will be shown when a match clicks on your entry.

Your display name

Your display name is how your profile name will appear to genetic relatives and other participants. You can choose to participate using your name, your initials, or a combination of the two.

Open Sharing

Open Sharing makes select information including your full profile name, overlapping DNA segments, and ancestry reports available to your top 2,000 matches in DNA Relatives without an individual sharing request. By participating, you will also be able to view this information for other Open Sharing matches. The information includes:

  • Your Full Profile Name
  • Ancestry Reports (Ancestry Composition and Neanderthal Ancestry)
  • Overlapping DNA Segments and the location of those segments

If you choose not to participate in Open Sharing, you will need to establish individual sharing connections with matches in order to take advantage of the tools in DNA View or to view a match's Ancestry reports.

Opting out of DNA Relatives

If you would like to stop participating in DNA Relatives, you may opt out from the update profile option within DNA Relatives or from your Account Settings page. If you opt out, you will not show up in other people's DNA Relatives results, and your profile will not be able to use DNA Relatives to view or contact relatives. If you change your mind, you may rejoin at any time.


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