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Account Settings: Preferences

Account management features can be located by clicking on the profile menu in the upper right and selecting Account Settings from the drop-down.


You have the ability to review and modify the privacy and consent settings for each profile. Some of these options are ones you selected during the kit registration process.

Sharing Options

Choose whether or not you would like to receive sharing invitations from other 23andMe members.

By checking the box under "Sharing Options" you may disable other users from inviting you to share genomes from a link on your profile page. Just below you will see a "Manage blocked profiles" link. If you have chosen to block other users, you can view those users here and unblock them if you wish.  

Health Options

When your data first becomes available, you will have the option to either view your health results or decline to view them. Declining will hide the Health section from the My Results menu. You can change this option at any time by checking or unchecking the box under Health Options.

DNA Relatives Options

If you choose not to participate in DNA Relatives, your profile will not be able to use DNA Relatives to view or contact relatives. Also, you will not show up in other people's DNA Relatives results. Any pending DNA Relative introductions you've sent or received will be deleted.

Third-party Apps

Through the 23andMe API, developers can create tools that access your 23andMe data. Each app will request that you log in to your 23andMe account and provide access, and each app will specify the data it is requesting and what use it will make of that data. You can review all the applications to which you have granted access and the data that the app is accessing, and revoke that access if you wish.

Basic Research Consent

As part of kit registration, you selected a consent option for 23andMe research. This section shows your current consent option and also allows you to link to the Consent Document. Click on "Change your consent" to review and modify your consent choice.

Sample Storage

As part of kit registration, you have the option to select whether or not you would like to have your saliva sample stored or biobanked at the lab after analysis.

If you declined the option to biobank your sample during registration, or if you registered your kit prior to the time that sample storage was available, you have the ability to enable sample storage for any future samples you provide.

If your current sample is not biobanked, you can click the "Store Future Samples" button. The message will change to say "Storage enabled."

You do not currently have a saliva sample stored at 23andMe's lab, but have indicated that you want us to store any future samples you provide. You may change your preference at any time.  


If your current sample is biobanked, once the lab has completed analysis you will see a message that says, "Your saliva sample is currently stored at 23andMe's lab."  You may instruct the lab to discard your sample by clicking the "Discard Sample" button. You will only see this option once the lab have completed the analysis of your sample. Keep in mind that this action is irreversible.


Note: We are transitioning to a new site experience. If these instructions do not apply to the version of the site you are using, please the section about account settings in the new 23andMe.

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