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What features will remain available on the original 23andMe site

Once you transition to the new 23andMe, most of the features of the existing site will no longer be available. However, there are several parts of the site that will remain accessible as an archive:

  • If you previously had access to health reports, these will remain available. You can access these via the Reports page in the new site. Please note that the archived reports will not be updated and were developed using scientific criteria that have since been revised. The printable summary of your reports will also be available to print or save.
  • If you had created a tree on the old site, your 23andMe Family Tree and Family Health History tree will remain available there in view-only format.
  • The 23andMe Community is being replaced by new 23andMe Forums. Until all members have been transitioned to the new 23andMe, the 23andMe Community will remain available to view and participate in. Once the transition to the new site is completed, the community content will be available as an archive on the new 23andMe Forums.

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