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Giving 23andMe as a gift

To place an order for a gift kit, please visit our online store. The online store offers the ability to enter separate billing and shipping addresses, so you have the option to send the kit directly to the gift recipient if you wish. 

If you intend to surprise the recipient, be sure to enter your own email address and phone number, rather than theirs when prompted. The email address is used to send an order confirmation email with details of the order, and the phone number may be used in order to contact you in the event of a shipping problem. 

You can also include a gift message with your shipment, which will be printed on the order packing slip. The order price will not appear.



Instructions regarding the sample collection process, 23andMe account creation, and prepaid return shipping will be included in the gift kit. Note that each kit recipient will need to submit their saliva sample within 12 months of your purchase date.

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