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Using the 23andMe Community

The 23andMe Community is designed for members of the site to interact and communicate with one another and with 23andMe. Any question relating to the 23andMe product, your results, genetics, or research is welcome, provided that the content adheres to the Community Guidelines.

Some 23andMe employees participate in the Community by responding to questions and feedback, posting announcements and updates, and moderating discussions and abuse reports. Employee profiles and posts will be identified with "Staff" badges:

The information below will help you to take advantage of everything the 23andMe Community has to offer.

Creating a Nickname  |  Navigating  |  Posting and Following  |  Notifications  |  Guidelines

Creating a Nickname

Once you have received and registered your kit, you will have the option to create a Community nickname. Your nickname is what people will see when you post or reply to a thread in the 23andMe Community. Your nickname allows you to talk openly about your genetic data while protecting your true identity. Note that when you select a nickname, it is set permanently. You can choose a nickname from your Edit Profile page.


Until you create a nickname, you cannot post or reply on the Community, follow threads, or join groups. However, you can still browse threads and groups.

Navigating the Community

Screen_Shot_2013-06-20_at_12.38.03_PM.png There are two thread views available which you can navigate to by clicking the labels that appear in the Threads menu on the left. All Recent will show the most recent threads in order of recent activity; Following will display the threads you have authored, responded to, or followed.
Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.39.14 PM.png There are two group views available which you can navigate to by clicking the labels that appear in the Groups menu on the left. All will display every Community group; Joined will display groups of which you are a member.

The thread views display a list of threads and details including what group the thread was posted in, the time of the most recent post, and the number of replies.

You can also follow or unfollow threads directly from the thread list by clicking the corresponding button.


The groups view shows key information about the groups, including the most recent post and the number of members and threads.

You can also join or leave groups directly from the group list by clicking the corresponding button.

To find Community threads that relate to specific areas of interest, you can search by keyword from any page on the 23andMe site and results from Community posts will be included in your results. 

Posting and Following

All threads need to belong to a group. To start a new thread, navigate to the group page that best corresponds to the subject of your post and click the Start a new thread button. Enter a thread subject and the content of your post in the text box that appears between the group overview and the list of threads, and click Post to share your thread.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.22.34 PM.png


Keep in mind that although the content of your post can be edited, once the thread has been posted the subject is no longer editable.

To post a response on an existing thread, click the Reply button that appears on the original post or for shorter threads, simply enter a reply in the My Response field and click Post.


When you post or reply to a thread, you are automatically following it. Following a thread will send notifications to your News Feed and your email, depending on the settings you have selected on your notification settings page.

To follow a thread you have not posted or responded to, click the Follow button in the upper right of the thread or on the thread list page. You can always unfollow a thread - including those you have posted or responded to - by clicking the Unfollow button.


There are several Community activity options under the Notifications and News Feed tabs in the account settings page. You can select or unselect these options to control which Community updates you receive and how you receive them.


By participating in the 23andMe Community, you are also agreeing to abide by the Community Guidelines. If you see content that you feel is inappropriate under these guidelines, use the flag icon to report posts or threads as abusive indicate why this content is not acceptable. Keep in mind that we don't pre-screen any content, nor do we monitor all the content, but we will do our best to review and remove any content in violation of the guidelines.

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