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Using Browse Raw Data

The raw data provided by 23andMe is an advanced view of all the uninterpreted raw genotype data, including data that is not used in 23andMe reports. This data has undergone a general quality review however only a subset of markers have been individually validated for accuracy. As such, the data from 23andMe's Browse Raw Data feature is suitable only for research, educational, and informational use and not for medical or other use.

You can access your raw genetic data within your 23andMe account at

The DNA that makes up your genome is organized into 22 pairs of chromosomes, a pair of sex chromosomes (two X, or an X and a Y), and your mitochondrial DNA. The main view of the Browse Raw Data feature shows each chromosome and tells you how many DNA bases and genes are in each chromosome.


There are two ways to use the Browse Raw Data feature. You can type the name of a gene or SNP rsid# into the appropriate search box and the viewer will show you your data at that location.


You can also click on a chromosome to take a look at the associated SNP data. When the viewer is zoomed in on a chromosome, it tells you whether you are looking at a gene or between genes, what SNPs are in the neighborhood, and what your data is at the SNPs. There are also links to external databases and reference sources for both SNPs and genes. There may not necessarily be information about every SNP or gene.


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