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Account Settings: Notifications

Account management features can be located by clicking on the profile menu in the upper right and selecting Account Settings from the drop-down.


From the Notifications tab, you can review or update your 23andMe email notifications preferences. These include notifications you receive about genome sharing invitations, invitations from DNA Relatives, activity on the 23andMe Community, messages in your 23andMe inbox, and more.

If you have opted in to receive email notifications from within your account but have noticed that you are not receiving certain communications, you may have unsubscribed from our mailing service. Our mailing service (ExactTarget) has a global opt-out option, and if you have removed your email from the mailing list you won't receive any customer notifications that we send via ExactTarget.

If you'd like to re-subscribe to 23andMe notifications, please contact us.

Note: We are transitioning to a new site experience. If these instructions do not apply to the version of the site you are using, please the section about account settings in the new 23andMe.

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