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Who can I compare with?

In the 23andMe comparison features, you can compare your results with the following profiles:

Your owned profiles

If you have multiple profiles in your account, you will be able to compare them to each other.

Your genome sharing connections

You can extend a sharing invitation to any 23andMe member even if they are not one of your genetic relatives identified through DNA Relatives. To share with friends and unrelated members use the Genome Sharing feature. Once sharing is established you will be able to compare at either the basic or extended level.

If you establish sharing with your DNA Relatives, you will be able to compare at either the basic or extended level as well as see shared Ancestry through features like DNA Relatives, Countries of Ancestry, and Family Inheritance: Advanced.

Example profiles

If you don't have anyone linked to your account, we thought you might still like to be able to use the comparison features. You can compare yourself to anonymous Chinese, Japanese, and Nigerian donors whose samples were collected as part of the International HapMap Project. Note that these are not "average" Chinese/Japanese/Nigerian genotypes. They are real genotypes of actual individuals.

We've also linked you to profiles of an anonymous family nicknamed the Mendels. If you'd prefer not to see the Mendels or the HapMap people in your account, go to your Account Settings and uncheck the boxes under "Example Profiles."

You may not be able to compare your results to those of one of your shares if they have not yet received their data.

  • If someone's data has not arrived from the lab, they will not be listed as someone with whom you can compare, even if your sharing invitation has been accepted.
  • If you share with a haplogroup import account, all you will be able to see is the account owner's maternal and/or paternal haplogroups in the Paternal Line/Maternal Line features.

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