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Why am I sharing with some people who aren’t listed as matches in DNA Relatives?

There are two ways for a person to contact you through your 23andMe account. One way is to simply search for you either by name or by keyword, such as the regions and surnames you list in your profile. These types of invitations to share will show up in your 23andMe Inbox with the subject "(Name of person) invites you to share." An invitation like this suggests that the person wishing to share is not actually related to you.

The other way for people to contact you is through DNA Relatives. These types of invitations will show up in your 23andMe Inbox with the subject "A potential relative would like to make contact with you." An invitation of this type indicates a relative of yours. By clicking on the email you can read a little bit about the person and then decide between "Yes, I'd like to be in contact." or "No, not right now." Once you're in contact and sharing with relatives it's up to you how much information you'd like to share and/or how much research time you're willing to put in to determine HOW you are related (whether through your maternal line or your paternal line).

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