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Why would I see the same person listed twice in DNA Relatives?

Some customers choose to maintain accounts on multiple 23andMe platforms. If you share DNA with one of these customers, they will appear as two distinct individuals in DNA Relatives.

A small minority of customers may observe that their predicted relationships to the V2 and V3 versions of the same individual differ. This should not be cause for distress. When these differences occur, it is because a SNP present on the V2 version of your relative is not genotyped on the V3 version of that relative, or vice versa. This can result in differences in the reported lengths of your shared segments of DNA, typically of less than 0.1 centiMorgans (cM).

When these segment length differences cause a difference in predicted relationship, it is almost exclusively for predictions of third cousin and beyond, where the certainty with which we can estimate the relationship is low, as indicated by the wide relationship ranges shown. When the same individual is estimated to be both a fourth and a fifth cousin, that indicates that these are both consistent with the shared DNA data. You should consider sending (both of) them an invite to see if you can work out what the true answer is!

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