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Has my sample reached the lab?

Samples mailed from within the United States typically reach the lab within 2-4 weeks. To track your kit's progress to the lab, a return tracking link is available on your profile homepage.

Delivered vs. Received

There is typically a delay between the time a sample is marked as "delivered" on the tracking information and the time it is scanned as “received” by the lab. Occasionally, this delay can exceed 1 week. A kit is marked as “received” by our system when it is physically opened at the lab and the kit barcode is scanned - this process is referred to as accessioning.

It is not unusual for kits shipped on the same day to be received at the lab at different times. You will receive an email when our laboratory completes the accessioning process and scans your kit barcode.

Unregistered Samples

If the laboratory receives an unregistered sample, the kit barcode and registration instructions will be sent to the email address associated with the order. The sample collection tube can be registered at

Learn more about registering your sample.


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