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Returning your sample to the lab via DHL (International)

Note: 23andMe can only accept samples returned from countries in which we offer our services, and only from the same country the sample was shipped to.

Before preparing your sample for shipment, make sure you have completed the registration process and replaced the funnel lid with the screw-on cap. Your saliva sample is stable at a wide range of temperatures once it is mixed with the DNA stabilization buffer liquid, but we recommend that you ship your collected sample to the laboratory at your earliest convenience.

To package your sample for return shipment to the lab, follow the instructions below; these are also provided in the physical shipping materials included with your kit.

1. Place your sample tube in the plastic bio-specimen bag and seal.

2. Place the specimen bag into the box. You may discard the plastic clamshell - this is not required for shipment.

3. Place the box into the DHL Padded Pack and seal.

4. Locate the Commercial Invoice and Shipment Waybill paperwork inside the clear sleeve attached to the outside of the padded DHL envelope.

5. Fill out the Commercial Invoice and make 3 copies.

6. Fill out the Shipment Waybill as indicated below:

Section 2 - From (Shipper)

Contact name: Your full name

Address: Your full address, zip code, and phone number

Section 4 - Shipment Details

Total Number of Packages: 1

Total Weight: 0.5

Section 7 - Shipper's agreement (Signature required)

Sign and date the airway bill

Section 8 - Products & Services

Check "International Non-Document" and also Express / Worldwide *


7. For your records, make a note of your DHL Tracking Number. A return tracking link will also be available from the sample status tile on your profile homepage.

8. Place the Shipment Waybill and all 3 copies (folded) of the Commercial Invoice back in the clear plastic sleeve, Shipment Waybill facing outwards. Do not seal the document sleeve until Waybill has been countersigned by DHL and you receive a receipt.

9. Schedule a pickup by calling your local DHL customer support (numbers listed in the table below). Alternatively the padded envelope can be dropped off at your closest DHL Express location, which you can locate on the DHL website. Do NOT take to DHL Post or to a regular post office.

10. Do not accept "12 hour service" and refuse any insurance DHL offers if asked. 23andMe does not support "12 hour service," and the shipment includes $100 USD of insurance coverage.

Your sample is an EXEMPT human specimen and does not require special handling or paperwork. 


Albania  +355-4-2406666 Latvia +371-660-10-000
Armenia  +586688 (landline) or +010-586688 (from mobile) Liechtenstein +0848-711-711 (Serviced By DHL Switzerland)
Australia  +131406 (toll free) Lithuania +(370-5)-236-07-00
Austria  +0820-55-05-05 Luxembourg +352-35-09-09
Azerbaijan  +4934714 or +4934728 Macedonia +389215333
Belarus  +375-17-2781108 Malta +356-21800148
Belgium  +32-2-715-50-50 Moldova  +0-22-228002 or +0-22-228007 or +0-22-228053 or +0-22-228056
Bosnia and Herzegovina  +387-33-774000 Monaco +0-800-202525
Bulgaria   +0700-17-700 or +359-2-9608683 Montenegro +382-20-633-971
Canada  1-800-225-5345 or 1-905-452-5900 Netherlands +31-26-324-6767
Croatia  +385-1-6651-111 New Zealand +0800 800 020
Cyprus  +357-22-799000 Norway +47-810-01-345 
Czech Republic  +840-103-000 Poland +48-42-6-345-100
Denmark  +45-70-345-345 Portugal +351-707-505-606
Estonia  +372-6-808-555 Romania +40-021-222-1-777
Finland  +358-(0)30-45-345 or +030-45-345 San Marino +39-06-790821
France  +0825-10-00-80 Singapore +65 6372 8200 or Toll Free: +1-800-285-8888
Georgia  +32-696060 or +32-699966 or +32-999568 Slovakia +18-811
Germany  +49 (0) 180 6 345 300 3 Slovenia +386-1-588-78-00
Greece   +30-210-9890000 Spain +34-902-12-24-24
Hungary   +36-1-382-3499 Sweden +46-771-345-345
Iceland  +354-535-1122 Switzerland +41-848-711-711
Ireland  +353-1-890725725 United Kingdom +44-844-248-0844
Israel  +972-3-557-3557 Vatican City +39-06-79075221 (Serviced by DHL Italy)
Italy  +199-199-345 or +39-06-79075221    
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