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Who can use the 23andMe kit?

At this time our sample collection method is not designed for individuals who have low saliva production or are not able to spit. Our service requires about one half teaspoon of saliva; it often takes about 5-10 minutes for an adult to produce this volume.

Infants or young children who are unable to spit may not be able to provide a sample using our collection kit. Note that children's drool (found outside the mouth) does not contain sufficient amounts of DNA for analysis; only saliva (found inside the mouth) can be used.

Young children who can spit on their own (i.e. when brushing their teeth) are usually able to provide a sample. You are the best person to assess whether or not your child would be able to provide a sample successfully.

In the event that you purchase a kit for a child who is then unable to provide a sample, keep in mind that until it is registered a kit can be used by anyone - you can give the kit to someone else to use, or you can request a refund.

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