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Assisted Collection Kits

At this time our sample collection method is not designed for people who have low saliva production or are not able to spit. Our service requires about one half teaspoon of saliva. It often takes about 5-10 minutes for an adult to produce this volume.

We have an assisted sample collection method that may be suitable for young children and others who produce saliva but cannot spit.

  • The kit requires about one quarter teaspoon of saliva, half the volume of our standard kits.
  • The kit includes a special sponge to absorb saliva from an individual's mouth, which is then squeezed out into the collection tube using a groove in the funnel lid.

Please note that we do not recommend this sample collection method in the following cases:

  • Young children who can spit on their own (i.e. when brushing their teeth). The standard sample collection method is recommended in this case.
  • Children who will not tolerate having objects stuck in their mouth. The sponge must be put inside the mouth; drool (outside the mouth) does not contain sufficient DNA for analysis.
  • Individuals experiencing xerostomia (dry mouth) naturally or as a side effect of medication. The assisted collection kit still requires saliva; it is not a cheek swab.

Assisted collection kits cost an additional $25 over the standard retail price of our service. To place an order for an assisted collection kit, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the special store URL:

  2. Click the link “Need an Assisted Collection Kit?” 


  3. You will see the "Assisted Collection Kit" label and the updated kit price of $124. To add a kit to your cart, click the “add to order” button.


  4. Verify that your cart contains the correct combination of kits. Assisted Collection Kits will be labeled accordingly in your cart.


To purchase additional assisted collection kits, you can continue using the “add to order” button. To add one or more standard collection kits to your order, click the “← Need a Regular Kit” link that appears below the Assisted Collection Kit information. Note that this will not remove any kits from your cart, but will simply navigate you to where you can add standard collection kits to your order.

When you are ready to check out, click “continue” to complete your purchase.

Note: If you have already ordered a standard kit but would like to exchange it for an assisted collection kit, please let us know by submitting a request. If you ordered within the last 60 minutes, you will need to cancel your order and place a new one in order to change the type of kit in your order.

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