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Connecting with Close Relatives

posted this on April 10, 2012 08:44 AM

When you first receive your DNA Relatives results, you may not immediately see expected close relatives in your match list. In order to view these relatives, you need to select the option to Show Close Relatives within your DNA Relatives profile setting. Close relative relationships include parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, aunt or uncle/niece or nephew, siblings, half siblings, and first cousins.

In order for close relatives to be visible in one another's match lists, both parties must opt in. If you have not yet opted in to view close relatives, you will see a text link in blue beneath your profile listing in DNA Relatives that reads "Show Close Relatives." Clicking on this link will display a dialog with more details where you can confirm or cancel your choice. If you are already sharing genomes with this relative, you will see him/her regardless of whether both parties have opted in.


You can also check whether you have opted in to view close relatives by clicking on the “Update Your Profile” button to the right of your profile listing in DNA Relatives.


Within your DNA Relatives Profile Setting, there is a checkbox next to “Show my close relatives” which reflects whether you are opted in or not.


Note that when you or your close relative initially adjust your settings and opt in, it can take some time for both results lists to update. It may take several days for a close relative such as a parent, child, or sibling to appear in your DNA Relatives list or for you to appear in your relative's list.

Once you have opted in to view close relatives, you may also see a prompt to connect with a close relative in the upper right of your 23andMe homepage:


By clicking the plus sign, you'll be prompted to extend a genome sharing invitation to the identified relative.

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